Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Revit Model and Consultant Coordination

There is a great way to visually check linked revit models with each other by bringing them into SketchUp.

In Revit, while in the 3D view, Click FILE, EXPORT, CAD FORMATS and choose AUTOCAD 2004 dwg format then SAVE to location of choice.

This will produce a separate 3D dwg file for each linked Revit file including the central file.

In SketchUp, Click FILE, IMPORT, browse to the location of saved dwg files above, FILES OF TYPE should be set to ACAD DWG/DWF, OPEN.

Import each dwg file into the same SketchUp file.

Each DWG will come in as a component which can easily be asigned a specific color.

Some alignment between components may be necessary.

Now you can quickly walk through your model looking for any places Structural, Site, or MEP components may be exposed through the architectural model.

I hope this helps you find costly errors before they are constructed.