Thursday, November 19, 2009

Team Model Manager Guidelines

The Model Manger will be in charge of completing the following tasks:

1. Position buildings on site
     a. Using survey, determine a logical origin point. Nearest survey benchmark to the building should be used.
     b. Create architectural AutoCAD site plan from survey by:
          I. Freezing unnecessary layers.
          II. Wblock remaining layers to new file name.
          III. Open new file, move all from origin point to 0,0 check insbase.
     c. Create Revit file w/ Autocad site.
     d. Position preliminary building on site.
     e. Set project north.

2. Work with James V./Steve F. to create ftp site if necessary. FTPs are used in our office to make the latest Revit model available to the team automatically on a daily basis. Newforma should be used for all other file transfers.

3. Communicate with consultants to:
     a. Ensure timely uploads of their data to the FTP site (for Revit) or Newforma for all other files.
     b. Provide support files - site, Revit files.
     c. Explain Newforma process.

4. Process consultant downloads by:
     a. Disconnecting their file from their central file.
     b. Strip out unnecessary and circular linked files.
     c. Save to correct Q: drive folder with correct name.

5. Provide support to team by answering questions.

6. Keep model streamlined by:
     a. Auditing file regularly.
     b. Compressing file regularly.
     c. Purging the file at opportune times.
     d. Ensure new local files are created by team every Monday.
     e. Resolve “Warnings”.

7. Family creation and support.
     a. Keep watch over family creation to prevent problems.
     b. Downloaded families are often much more detailed than desired, adding too much data to file.
     c. Be aware of families in project that may be useful to other projects, and the families created that may be useful to your project.

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