Friday, March 12, 2010

Exporting a 3D Model for people that don't have Revit

You can export a 3D DWF directly from Revit. The file can be opened with DWG TrueView which is free to download from Autodesk and is preinstalled on many new computers.

The advantages of the 3D DWF are that people can rotate and look around the entire model. It looks similar to the Shading with Edges Inside of Revit. The files sizes are much smaller than the Revit file which makes them easier to send out. You can also sun sections in the dwf to look inside the model.

1. Export > DWF
2. Select a 3D view in the model
3. Hit Export

This could be helpful to show clients, contractors, or consultants. It could even be useful to just have one that gets updated periodically in a standard location so that project managers/partners can open it whenever they want to take a look at the model.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can't Edit until someone Relinquises and that person is gone

If someone is gone but still owns elements that other teams members need, there is a work-around.

1. Get that person's username (look in the Worksets dialog box)

2. Get everyone in the Revit project to Save/Synch to Central and exit the file

3. With the project unopened, go into the Options menu and change your username to the username of the other person

4. Open the Central File

5. Collaborate>Relinquish All Mine

6. Check Worksets to make sure that user no longer has ownership of any worksets

7. Save and Close the Central File

8. With the project unopened, go into Options again and put your username back in

9. Everyone should now be able to reopen their files and continue working