Monday, February 1, 2010

Lines of Trees

How many times has a partner (e.g. Tim) wanted you to show a row of trees in a Revit elevation and have the trees line up with mullions 150ft away on the other side of the building?
If you need to quickly create rows of trees, use a custom curtain wall family. A curtain wall family is more versatile than a line based repeating component because it allows you to:
  1. leave out certain trees (by setting the cutain panel to blank)
  2. use different types of trees in the same row
  3. space out the trees in different ways (regular or irregular intervals)
  4. use straight lines, curves, and change directions within the same row (with greater control of what happens at the intersections)

The family in the example is called Deciduous Tree Row and is located at K:\2010RAS\Overland\Planting for you to start with.

The RPC Tree - Deciduous family is loaded and locked to the center of the curtain wall panel. It wouldn't stay attached to the end of the panels for some reason.

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